Yes, there was an election in Canada and Conservatives won big.  Conservative Stephen Harper was re-elected prime minister and his party won 167 seats.  The NDP [New Democratic Party] gained 102, Liberals won 34, the Bloc Québécois scored four, and the Green Party squeaked out one.  It was a humiliating defeat for the Liberals.

The Conservatives established five priorities for their campaign:

  • Create jobs, through training, trade, and low taxes;
  • Support families, through our Family Tax Cut, and more support for seniors and caregivers;
  • Eliminate the deficit by 2014-15, by controlling spending and cutting waste;
  • Make our streets safe, through new laws to protect children and the elderly; and
  • Cracking down on human smuggling and strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces.

Good luck to our Canadian allies.

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