We believe the Governor should have taken a regional approach by allowing schools and businesses to remain open in areas with very low infection outbreaks rather than a blanket approach. He should have applied the same standard to high-risk populations; allowed those at very low risk of infection to continue their lives. He should have allowed more businesses to open, trusting business owners and citizens to make informed and thoughtful decisions about where to go. He kept some businesses restricted long after they had opened in other states without incidence, such as bars, gyms, dance studios, event venues. He should have put more safety restrictions in nursing homes and congregate living from the beginning. He should have consistently measured and acknowledged the economic impact against real health risks. He should have been more transparent with the data; he focused on reporting the number of cases rather than the real threat of hospitalizations and deaths. He should have conferred with parents and students on school re-opening rather than cow-tow to the teacher union.

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