North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services provides a dashboard that tracks monthly Medicaid enrollment.

The current proportion of Medicaid enrollees to the entire population is approximately 22 percent.

JLF’s most recent report on Medicaid Expansion estimates that raising Medicaid eligibility would result in at least an additional 623,000 enrollees.

  • Medicaid expansion enrollment under a hypothetical Medicaid eligibility expansion = approximately 2,985,635
  • The proportion of Medicaid enrollees to the entire population = approximately 28 percent

JLF’s Medicaid Expansion report also noted there would be approximately 261,000 individuals who would enroll in Medicaid expansion that were previously covered by private insurance.

  • Approximately 362,000 out of the 623,000 enrollees JLF’s report estimates will enroll in Medicaid after expansion were previously uninsured. This means that approximately 42 percent of new Medicaid enrollees after expansion previously had private health insurance.

One final note on the uninsured rate – according to KFF, there are 338,200 individuals (approximately 40 percent of the uninsured population) who qualify for a free bronze plan on the Obamacare exchanges but for whatever reason have chosen not to sign up.