On Friday, January 24, the John Locke Foundation hosted its annual candidate information session. This marks the 12th year the foundation has invited candidates to expand their knowledge base and learn about free-market principles. Each candidate received resources including budget cards, facts sheets, and our newly released 2020 policy guide.

Dozens of primary candidates from across the political spectrum attended. JLF’s new President and CEO, Amy Cooke, welcomed all the candidates and Senior Vice President Becki Gray explained the role of a free-market think-tank in helping inform North Carolina’s policy discussions.

John Trump, managing editor of Carolina Journal, spoke briefly about the newspaper and online news site, and Vice President of Research Terry Stoops gave an overview of the foundation’s 2020 policy guide.

In the aftermath of the candidate forum, the John Locke Foundation has received numerous requests from the candidates for more resources. Plans are in the works for another candidate briefing after the primary election is over.