The NC Spin website promoted Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s recent article comparing North Carolina’s new election laws to those in more “liberal” states, along with Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez‘s column touting a new law that limits nonvoter-approved state debt.

N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Smith’s voting law article, Martinez’s debt limit column, contributor Jane Shaw‘s article on the impact of a new state law regarding teacher certification requirements in charter schools, Associate Editor Dan Way‘s report on the new state budget’s impact on Medicaid reform, Way’s article on legislation designed to give the state treasurer more investment flexibility, and Way’s article on a state budget provision paving the way for Winston-Salem State University to buy Bowman Gray Stadium and an adjacent park.

The Winston-Salem Journal cited Way’s work in an article about potential privatization of the N.C. Zoo. A Lenoir News-Topic story on North Carolina’s last sales tax holiday cited a CJ column from John Locke Foundation Vice President for Outreach Becki Gray.

Gray returns to the statewide NC Spin television program this weekend to discuss education issues such as new Common Core standards, plus judicial standards and the 2014 elections. She delivered a legislative update this week to the Wake County Republican Men’s Club. Gray continues her semiweekly appearances on WTSB Radio. 

N.C. Education Alliance Director Lindalyn Kakadelis appears this weekend on News 14 Carolina to discuss new opportunity scholarships for North Carolina students in low-income families. Kakadelis discussed Common Core public school standards during a presentation to the Randolph Tea Party.

The Kernersville News published Director of Communications Mitch Kokai‘s recent CJ column on the misuse of language in the state tax reform debate. Kokai discussed the week’s top state government news during his latest appearance with Curtis Wright on WMYT Radio.