From Carolina Journal investigative reporter Don Carrington comes a must-read story:

On March 7 he received at his address correspondence from the state of Maryland’s Revenue Administration Division of the Comptroller’s Office. He decided to open this one, and he found it contained a tax return and a note from a state official saying that the return could not be processed because it did not include a W-2 form.

That’s when he became convinced that someone was using his address as part of a tax-fraud scheme, he said, and decided to shred those documents.

At approximately 3 p.m. March 8, while sitting in his house, he saw a woman he did not know open his mailbox and look inside. He had retrieved his day’s mail before she arrived. He said the woman continued walking up the street, looking into the mailboxes of three neighboring homes. She then stepped into a van that was waiting for her on a side street and she and the driver left.