One month after Carolina Journal Executive Editor Don Carrington broke the news that neither major-party candidate for North Carolina governor would support further work on a proposed “megaport” at Southport, top port advocate Carl Stewart resigned his post as chairman of the N.C. State Ports Authority board of directors.

The Mooresville Tribune published Associate Editor Michael Lowrey‘s article on a court ruling clarifying when judges can close legal proceedings to the public.

Carolina Plott Hound took note this week of Carolina Journal Associate Editor Dan Way‘s article on the legal battle surrounding the proposed N.C. Virtual Academy charter school. N.C. Senate Republicans also promoted that article in their daily press email, along with Way’s profile of the state auditor’s race and his coverage of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan‘s campaign stop this week in Raleigh.

The Senate GOP highlighted Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s report on Republican campaign fundraising advantages, along with Mitch Kokai’s column outlining a three-question test to help determine when government action is warranted to address a perceived public policy problem.