When the Charlotte Observer published a Jack Betts column on the controversial Cannonsgate coastal development, the newspaper featured an aerial photo from Don Carrington. Other media outlets also took note this week of CJ‘s work. The Lincoln Tribune republished David Bass’ article on a dispute involving the bail bonds industry and government-funded pretrial release programs. The same publication also picked up contributor Sarah Okeson‘s latest article on the controversial Yadkin County Jail, contributor Karen McMahan‘s piece on the possibility that North Carolina could adopt some California-supported school reforms, and the latest CJ staff exclusive on North Carolina unemployment data. The Lincoln Tribune also cited CJ in an article about congressional pay raises. In other news, a Southern Pines Pilot columnist cited CJ in an article about a Moore County annexation fight. (A December 2008 article in The Carolina Journal reported that the bad blood between Pinehurst and Pinewild began in the early 1980s, when the village turned down Pinewild’s request to be annexed because Pinehurst did not want to bear the cost of infrastructure improvements for the developing community.)