A new Republican majority on the Wake County Board of Commissioners took quick action to reverse some of the previous board’s high-profile, politically motivated decisions. Carolina Journal Associate Editor David Bass‘ efforts to document these changes attracted attention from outside media sources. The Lincoln Tribune and Tar Heel Tribune published Bass’ article on plans to change Wake County’s policy of offering taxpayer-subsidized health insurance coverage for abortions. The Lincoln Tribune also picked up Bass’ article on the newly constituted board’s first meeting. The Carolina Talk Network promoted that article. The American Spectator publicized Associate Editor Sara Burrows‘ article about Charlotte airport officials’ complaints linked to the federal Transportation Security Administration. The Heartland Institute’s School Reform News published Managing Editor Rick Henderson‘s article about new social studies standards in North Carolina schools. The Lincoln Tribune picked up Video News Editor Anthony Greco‘s report on Raleigh’s consideration of a smoking ban in public parks, along with editorial intern Amanda Vuke‘s exclusive article about potential budget cuts in the University of North Carolina system, contributor Jenna Ashley Robinson‘s analysis of higher education facts and figures, and contributor Jim Stegall‘s piece on the new Republican legislative majority’s education priorities. Both the Lincoln Tribune and Tar Heel Tribune picked up contributor Hal Young‘s article about a program designed to boost young people’s involvement in charitable work. The Lincoln Tribune and Tar Heel Tribune also promoted contributor Karen Welsh‘s report on Charlotte’s successful Sugar Creek Charter School. The American Independent publicized CarolinaJournal.tv coverage of Americans for Prosperity state director Dallas Woodhouse’s presentation this week to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. The Lincoln Tribune and NC Rumors picked up the transcript of a recent Carolina Journal Radio interview with Weekly Standard editor William Kristol.