International Policy Network has named Carolina Journal Associate Editor Sara Burrows a finalist for the first-ever R.C. Hoiles Prize for Regional Journalism, a $15,000 honor for writers whose work reflects a “freedom philosophy.” CJ Managing Editor Rick Henderson says Burrows’ articles on food truck regulations, raw milk restrictions, and childhood obesity rules helped her secure the finalist honor. Henderson continues to attract attention for his efforts to expose the political misuse of official unemployment data. He discussed the problem with the N.C. News Network and WTVD Television. The Lincoln Tribune published Associate Editor David Bass‘ article on a recent legislative session that left multiple constitutional amendment proposals unaddressed, while M2M Politics and N.C. Senate Republicans promoted Bass’ article on new polling data linked to public workers’ pay, pension plans, and collective bargaining. The Lincoln Tribune also picked up contributor Dan Way‘s article on Orange County food truck developments and contributor Duke Cheston‘s reports on left-wing lectures at North Carolina university campuses. Senate Republicans promoted Cheston’s article as well, along with contributor Karen Welsh‘s report about Hurricane Irene’s impact on the N.C. Beach Plan insurance program.