carolinarisingToday marks the launch of a new group called Carolina Rising, led by veteran North Carolina political and policy activist Dallas Woodhouse.

Organized as a 501 C-4, Carolina Rising seeks to aggressively promote sound public policies and individual freedoms via a unique and inventive citizen engagement organization.

“Right now, North Carolina is witness to an astounding set of economic trends. Our unemployment rate is falling faster than any other state, and our business competitiveness ranking is skyrocketing,” said Carolina Rising President Dallas Woodhouse. “At Carolina Rising, our goal is simple: make sure those trends continue and North Carolina’s economy continues to grow.”

2013 was an incredible year for job growth in North Carolina due to sound public policy changes such as tax, regulation and unemployment insurance reforms. Newly revised employment data show that 2013 was the strongest year for job growth in North Carolina since the Great Recession. From December 2012 to December 2013, North Carolina employers added 85,600 positions, a 2.1 percent increase. Recently North Carolina’s unemployment rate fell to 6.4 percent, the first time it has been lower than the national average since March 2006. North Carolina’s February 2014 unemployment rate was 2.2 percentage points lower than a year ago.

“As we watch North Carolina’s key economic measures improve we know these new policies are working. However we can no longer count on just passing good policies,” said Woodhouse. “We must do a better job of scrutinizing the policies from proponents of big government and remind citizens that these plans will return us to an era of crushing taxes, over-regulation and corruption. We must be vigilant to secure the advances we’ve made across the state to ensure continued growth and sound government.”

A key mission of Carolina Rising aims at providing common-sense analysis of proven policies and contrast them with the increasingly radical political agenda of the liberal left, which often has little to offer besides complaints, protests and lawsuits.