Carolina Rising has released a new television ad taking aim at N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s recent pronouncements on coal ash.

Carolina Rising today released a new TV/web ad to inform the public about how Attorney General Roy Cooper is playing petty politics when it comes to Coal Ash.

“North Carolina’s fight to keep rivers clean from coal should be free from politics, but Roy Cooper can’t help himself….” the ad states.

The ad continues “Even Democrats say Cooper is playing petty politics when it comes to coal ash….”

“During his time in the State Legislature and during his decade as the state’s top regulator, not only did Roy Cooper not do anything to deal with North Carolina’s coal ash issue, but in 2009 he gave polluters permission to keep right on polluting, said Carolina Rising President Dallas Woodhouse. “Attorney General Roy Cooper has already forced taxpayers into spending thousands in additional legal fees when he used the coal ash spill to raise campaign donations and sided with the Obama EPA over suing the people of North Carolina.  North Carolina needs a full-time Attorney General, not a tax-funded campaigner playing politics with our water. While Gov. McCrory prepares to sign a tough coal ash bill prepared by the Legislature, Roy Cooper should clean up his act.”