Dallas Woodhouse of Carolina Rising has submitted the following open letter to the president of the North Carolina NAACP:

Dr. William Barber
North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP
P.O. Box 335, Durham NC 27702

Dear Dr. William Barber:

As a fellow North Carolina citizen, I would like to express my extreme disappointment in the NAACP having me and one of my supporters removed from “The People’s Lawn,” (Halifax Mall) Monday evening.  When your security entourage removed me, I was disturbing nobody and was engaged in an interview with a member of the press.  You give dozens of interviews a week and I know you would not like to have yours interrupted.  Do you really need this kid of heavy handed security operation? Do you really need to use it against your fellow citizens?

As reported by the media, your security team claimed the entire area and forced me away.


We were in attendance to listen to what you and your group had to say, and to offer sun-shaped stress balls that read, “Jobs up unemployment down.”   We want to offer you the hand of friendship and a “little sunshine.”

We also offered your supporters free Sunny Delight and Sunkist drinks with information about North Carolinas plummeting unemployment rate due to Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly’s tax and unemployment insurance reforms.

Clearly Rev. Barber to make so much noise about your right to access, “The People’s House” and then to forcibly remove other citizens from “The People’s Lawn, is hypocritical and unchristian. I hope when we return, you and your expansive security detail will simply treat us better.

Dallas Woodhouse
Carolina Rising