There seems to be no limit to what the central planners in Carrboro deem to be government’s business.

Carrboro banned drive-through windows in its downtown area 15 years ago. If approved, the existing law would be amended to prohibit new drive-through windows from being built on restaurants, banks and possibly pharmacies through the entire town.

“The vitality of our downtown has been enhanced by things like not allowing more drive-throughs,” Seils said. “I would like to see that vitality spread throughout the community.”

This is a great example of why it is key for citizens to closely follow the discussion and decisions of local government officials. These officials wield incredible power over our daily lives, and much of it flies under the radar. A great way to get up to speed on issues that are the purview of local government — and those that aren’t — is to look at JLF’s City and County Issue Guide 2014. It is a great resource for officials and government watchdogs.