Remember Tim Toben, the wealthy Chapel Hill liberal responsible for the Greenbridge ‘green’  development that went belly-up? He’s now flirting with the radical environmentalist anti-growth movement that endorses the misery that comes with contraction of the economy. Check out this astonishing Q&A between Toben and Mark Schultz of the Chapel Hill News, who is the questioner (Q).

Toben: It basically is that the economy stagnates and that we work less.

Q: And then people can’t afford food and they can’t get their medical care. We had that. It’s called recession.

Toben: That’s right, that’s right, and we’re so afraid of it because ….

Q: But we should be afraid of it.

Toben: No.

Q: Not everybody can grow their own vegetables.

Toben: Well, a lot more can than we think. There’s a wonderful film about Cuba pre and post the petroleum embargo. They started growing food in alleys, on rooftops and on their porches. And they started growing medicinal herbs. Things would look very different in a world that’s (brought on by) recession.

Q: How much of that do you actually believe, and how much are you just entertaining the thought, the possibility that maybe that makes sense?

Toben: I’m getting closer and closer to saying maybe that makes sense.