From the Daily Tar Heel:

Protestors of Carrboro have won the battle for 201 N. Greensboro St., but there may still be a war to fight.

Developers have pulled the application for a CVS/Pharmacy at the site, meaning there are no current development plans for a CVS at that location, according to the Active Project Report for Carrboro from earlier this year.

The developer pulled the CVS proposal after members of the Carrboro Board of Alderman said they likely wouldn’t rezone the property and repeatedly delayed their discussion of the site, said Martin Roupe, the town’s development review administrator, in the report.

But the radical Leftists still aren’t satisfied.

“This is obviously a success for the people of Carrboro”, said Clara Pierce, one of the protestors, of the area. “It is time for this to be a free space for all the people of Carrboro.”

Ah yes. In other words, what’s YOURS is MINE.