Carrboro officials have decided that residents who throw things out are creating a problem for the town. So, they’ve decided to spend $30,000 to “study” the issue. For the liberals who run Carrboro, the solution to their perceived problem is — you guessed it — to consider imposing a penalty on people based on how much garbage they create. At least one official seems to understand what’s about to occur.

Alderwoman Jacquie Gist said that if the town still taxed people to collect the garbage as well as charging them for how much they throw out, that would be double dipping.

Gist called pay-as-you-throw regressive, saying it would be adding one more utility charge for people who might not be able to afford to pay another $25 to $50 a month.

Get ready, Carrboro.

I recommend Carrboro officials take some time to read JLF’s City and County Issue Guide 2014 in order to understand the appropriate role of local government and focus on freedom, not penalty.