Greg Byrnes writes for about interesting new census data.

The U.S. Census Bureau is in need of serious reform. The agency has one job to do. It is outlined in the Constitution. Count the population. In the last census, it got 14 states wrong. But as we have seen with recent bogus employment numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that misstated growth by, say, 99%, the U.S. government employees many people charged with counting who need to go back to watching Sesame Street. Or maybe they need to simply to observe the Constitution and obey the law. …

… Even with possible fudging, the Census Bureau’s latest interim report shows that Blue states are losing population while Red states are gaining population.

Increasing by 470,708 people since July 2021, Texas was the largest-gaining state in the nation, reaching a total population of 30,029,572. By crossing the 30-million-population threshold this past year, Texas joins California as the only states with a resident population above 30 million.

As in the old divide between Communist East Germany and the free West Germany created by Konrad Adenauer after World War II, people migrate towards freedom. In the wake of the great Wuhan Pandemic lockdowns, it is no surprise that more people chose to move. Unlike Germany, there is no wall to prevent internal migration within the United States toward freer states.

The South is now the largest population area in the U.S. The Northeast and Midwest lost population “due to negative net domestic migration.”

“Florida was the fastest-growing state in 2022, with an annual population increase of 1.9%, resulting in a total resident population of 22,244,823,” adding about half a million new residents, mostly from internal migration.

“While Florida has often been among the largest-gaining states,” Kristie Wilder, a bureau demographer, said, “this was the first time since 1957 that Florida has been the state with the largest percent increase in population.”