North Carolina citizens have a right to public institutions that are not corrupt and elections free from fraud and other threats to election security.

We promote integrity in government by tracking or investigating possible unethical behavior, ranging from acts of corruption by local government officials to “public-private partnerships” that circumvent public record laws or allow private groups to influence government administration unduly. We also guard against bureaucratic attempts to bypass laws by observing the regulatory process, including the North Carolina Rules Review Commission proceedings, and monitoring the actions of non-elected government boards.

We promote election integrity by advocating for election law reforms and investigating possible violations of election laws or other misconduct by election officials, campaigns, or political groups. That includes tracking funding and funding sources for campaigns, lobbying groups, and other political organizations. Additionally, we monitor and analyze lawsuits that may affect how North Carolina conducts elections.

We also serve as a source of reliable information and data for the public. Our Mapping the Left site shows the magnitude of the radical left’s infrastructure in North Carolina. At Carolina Elections, we update weekly voter registration changes and, through Vote Tracker, provide timely and valuable data on early and absentee voters. The Civitas Partisan Index is a measure of the partisan leanings of North Carolina’s state legislative districts. Finally, our Carolina Election Cases page provides reviews and original documents on significant court cases that affect elections in North Carolina.

Civitas Center for Public Integrity Data Products

Carolina Elections

Vote Tracker helps people better understand early and absentee voting trends while the Voter Registration Changes page provides weekly registration updates for every county.

Mapping the Left

Mapping the Left combines data and investigative research to educate citizens and policymakers about the magnitude of progressives’ political infrastructure in North Carolina.

Carolina Election Cases

Carolina Election Cases documents North Carolina lawsuits in federal and state courts that have affected elections in our state and nationally.

Civitas Partisan Index

The CPI is a measure of the base partisan leanings of a North Carolina state legislative district compared to the state as a whole. While not a predictive model, it reliably projects districts’ partisan leanings.

Civitas Center for Public Integrity Research Reports