Not enough people follow local government plans for annexation. Since North Carolina’s annexation laws are some of the most liberal in the country — government just follows the process and it’s virtually a done deal no matter what the residents think — it’s critical to know what land and tax revenue your surrounding governments are eyeing. At least in the case of Chapel Hill’s future plans, the Herald-Sun is covering the story.

A word of caution to these folks, according to the story:

Beyond 2007, the main areas the town will continue assessing for possible annexation are the Northwoods subdivision on the north side of town, Dogwood Acres on the south side, along with the Billabong Road neighborhood, a portion of Laurel Hills and the Winter Drive area, according to town planners.

There also are parts of the Sunrise Road area and land south of Mt. Carmel Church Road that would be considered in the future.