The mayor of Las Vegas gets it when it comes to the homeless. A city is best advised to get them out of town, the sooner the better. The way I see it, you can quit enabling them and making them HAVE to become productive citizens, arrest them for vagrancy like in the old days, or show them the city limits. But things being the way they are in the squishy world we live in, Mayor Oscar Goodman is only trying to get the street sleepers and park campers to use shelters. To that end he’s closed parks where they congregate. That just makes sense for a resort city.

“I’m trying to get these people to a shelter; that’s where the services take place, not in a park,” he said. “I won’t coddle them.”

I love it. He even calls the homeless advocates enablers. This is an uphill battle for a mayor in today’s world but I wouldn’t bet against Goodman. H was once a lawyer for the mob.