Note the N&R’s continuing coverage of Lankford Security guard Charles Sluder, who recently broke up an apparent drug deal in the parking lot of the downtown Galyon Depot.

Last week Sluder was a hero who survived the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan only to lose a finger here in G’boro riding the hood of a PT Cruiser as the perpetrators attempted their getaway.

This week he’s a convcted drunk driver with a job only because the City of Greensboro doesn’t properly monitor contracted private security companies.
Which is not to say there aren’t policy questions, especially if an innocent bystander had caught one of Sluder’s bullets, which fortunately did not happen.

Update: Took another look at Doug Clark’s post and if I’m reading it right, there’s a question as to whether or not Sluder was actually convicted of drunk driving, which may have been the loophole, per the city’s contract with Lankford.