And this would be a summary of US Airways and American Airlines fights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport for Thursday, August 13, 2015:

US Airways flights by aircraft type:
Widebody: 9 (5 A330-300, 4 A330-200)
Narrowbody mainline: 272 (3 757, 124 A321, 43 A320, 102 A319)
Large regional jets: 167 (22 E175, 4 E170, 90 CRJ900, 51 CRJ700)
50-seat regional jet: 137 CRJ
Turboprop: 64 (49 DHC-300, 15 DHC-100)
Total flights: 649
Total seats available: 67,773

American Airlines flights:
11 737-800. Total seats: 1,760

American Airlines + US Airways total: 660 flights with 69,533 seats

Total nonstop destination served by US Airways or American Airlines at some point during the year: 145

Seasonal destinations for which the season isn’t now:
1 (Key West)

European destinations: 8 flights to 7 cities: London Heathrow (2 x A333), Barcelona (A332), Dublin (A332), Frankfurt (A332), Madrid (A332), Paris (A333), Rome (A333)

Year-round flights to Europe: Just Frankfurt and London — the rest are summer seasonals

South American destinations: None

Destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central American, and Bermuda with daily flights: 13 (Aruba, Cancun, Freeport, Grand Cayman, Mexico City, Montego Bay, Nassau, Providenciales, Punta Cana, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, San Jose, San Juan)

With Saturday only flights: 10 (Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Cabo, Cozumel, Liberia, St. Croix, St. Kitts, St. Lucia)

Destinations served in Canada: 2 (Toronto, Montreal)

Destinations served year-round in the continental US: 110

Seasonal destinations in the continental US: 3 (Albuquerque, Sacramento, Key West)
Number of states served: 40 (soon 41)
Destinations served in the mountain and pacific time zones: 11 with 43 daily flights (Phoenix 9, Denver 6, Los Angeles 6, San Francisco 6, Las Vegas 5, Seattle 4, San Diego 3, Portland, OR 1, Sacramento 1, Salt Lake City 1, Albuquerque 1)

New destinations added in the past year: 4 (Albuquerque (seasonal), Evansville, Ft. Wayne, Grand Rapids)
Pending new routes: 4 Burlington, VT (once a day on E175, starts Aug. 18), Springfield, MO (twice a day on 50-seat RJ, starts Nov. 5), Curaçao (Saturday only A319, Starts Dec. 19), Puerto Plata (Saturday only A319, Starts Dec. 19))
Destinations dropped in the past year: 6 (Brussels, Lisbon, Manchester, England, Ottawa, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo)

Year-to-comparison: US+ AA flights are actually down 1.5 percent (10 flights) versus last year. Flights to new domestic destination more than offset the international cancellations though — the net flight reduction came from cuts to regional destinations. As an example, US Airways has long had five flights a day to Greenville, NC on 50-seaters. Earlier this year, that got cut back to four flights a day. A number of other markets from West Virgina to Florida and west to Mississippi have seen similar reduction though none has been completely cut.

If you look at available seats, the cut has been even larger, with a 2.1 percent reduction from just over 71,027 last year to 69,533 this year. Average aircraft size is down slightly, from 106.0 seats last year to 105.4 seats this year.

On the mainline side, things are pretty flat. The reduced European flying and the retirements of the last of the 767-200ERs is partially offset by summer-seasonal service to Albuquerque and a third San Diego flight, which is also seasonal. Bermuda service is now weekend only while the season on the Saturday-only flight to St. Croix now extends to August.

Most of the changes versus last year come on the regional side. You might have read about how we’re now seeing 50-seat and smaller regional jet retirements en masse at American, Delta, and United. Those reductions are very real, they just haven’t happened at CLT yet. The number of 50-seat regional jet flights here is actually up from 130 in August 2014 to 137 this August. The US Airways branded turboprop flights, meanwhile, are unchanged from last year. Where the big reduction is in large regional jet flights, which are down 14, from 181 last August to 167 this August. This is American/US Airways essentially shift planes to other markets to speed the retirement of American-branded 44-seat regional jets.

Was actually going to the analysis in July, but it turns out that that wasn’t the peak of US Airways’ summer flying this year — the airline offered more flights out of CLT in both June and August than in July. Thursday, July 10, for example, was actually at only 650 flights a day, as the airline had some very odd month-only flight reductions in regional markets.

Last year’s US Airways/American Airline baseline is available here.