This reminds me of the reporter on one of the local Sunday morning
TV shows from a few years ago who asked me–on air–“ok, CO2 may not be
causing global warming but why should we have to breath this stuff?” I
think one of the requirements for J school is that you have skipped 6th
grade science class. 


10:45 am | Duke expects carbon regulation after ’08

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Duke Energy’s Chief Executive Jim Rogers said he expects congressional
action on regulating carbon gas emissions after the 2008 election, with
the new rules taking effect about five years later.

Speaking at an investors’ event this morning, Rogers said he spent the
past week on Capitol Hill discussing the issue with the staff of U.S.
Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., the incoming chairwoman of the Senate’s
Environment and Public Works Committee.

With Democrats’ sweeping victory in congressional elections, a national
program to regulate carbon emissions now seems likely. But when and
what it might look like have been left to speculation. Regulation could
be a tax on carbon gas emissions or some sort of national cap.

Carbon gas emissions, such as from coal-fired power
plants and automobile exhaust, are increasingly connected to global
warming and poor health.
Utilities’ officials, including Rogers and Duke Chairman Paul Anderson, have spoken openly about likely future regulation.