Courtesy of the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools newsletter dated December 21, 2018:

  • 109,389 students are being served by our 185 charter schools
  • That represents 7.3% of the total public school population
  • 50% are female and 50% are male
  • 35 applicants to open a charter school are currently being reviewed by CSAB [Charter School Advisory Board]
  • 11 charter schools were considered for renewal in 2018,  28 schools in 2019
  • For the 5th consecutive year, the percentage of schools earning a D or F has decreased
  • The number of charter schools exceeding growth increased from 36 to 46 last year

While charter school market share has been increasing, it’s still modest compared to district enrollment.

There is more to come.  The annual N.C. charter school report will be published this month.