The News & Observer reported today that former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court Cheri Beasley will likely be running for the Richard Burr’s Senate seat. Richard Burr will not be running for election, which will leave his seat up for grabs in 2022. the N&O‘s Brian Murphy reports:

“She’s putting a team together, is planning to announce and I think we’ll see that in early April,” said Kara Hollingsworth, a Cary-based political consultant who has worked on previous Beasley campaigns and remains close with Beasley.

Beasley lost a close race to keep her seat as Chief Justice North Carolina’s highest court in 2020 by just 401 votes. Since the loss, Carolina Journal has reported on Beasley’s likelihood to run for Burr’s seat in the Senate. Carolina Journal‘s Dallas Woodhouse wrote back in February:
Sources confirm to CJ that former Chief Justice Cheri Beasley has hired a new campaign consultant and is preparing to announce her entry into the Democratic primary. Beasley has moved on from her previous consultant, Kimberly Reynolds, former executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party.
Woodhouse appears to have been spot-on that Beasley would enter the race.
Watch Woodhouse’s predictions of who else might join the race for Burr’s Senate seat below.