John Kass writes for the Chicago Tribune about a little-discussed element uniting otherwise unrelated incidents of recent urban strife.

Our media high priests — the guardians of the political establishment — come to us with reasoned explanations for the urban tinderbox.

They tell us of hopelessness and despair. But ignore the one thing that binds them all, the one inconvenient truth of things.

We know that institutions have broken down. Generations of black families have been shattered by the welfare state.

We’ve created government systems that maintain human beings in poverty and ignorance so that politicians can count on their votes.

And that is a crime against morality.

You know this. There are schools that don’t work and haven’t for decades, schools where teachers are overwhelmed, where children arrive thoroughly unprepared, where too many parents are indifferent.

Political corruption is an epidemic, a hidden tax upon urban economic wastelands, where there are no jobs for people who aren’t trained and educated for work. …

… What isn’t discussed enough when riots happen and neighborhoods burn is the one thing most common to all these decaying urban tinderboxes.

They’re run by Democrats.

Baltimore is a Democratic city, Milwaukee is a Democratic city, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on.

This is a most inconvenient truth. This is what binds them.

For decade after decade, Democrats have controlled policy and politics in the broken cities. This is the proof of Democratic success.

The broken schools have been run by Democrats for decades. The broken institutions are run by Democrats.

The political corruption in these cities is Democratic corruption, where government is the hammer used to beat others into forking over their cash.