The latest appearance for Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson on News 14 Carolina’s “Capital Tonight” featured a discussion of some of the week’s hottest political news, including the controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A and its top executive’s public statements about same-sex marriage. The Pension Tsunami website took note this week of Henderson’s column on State Treasurer Janet Cowell’s questionable inquiry into large corporations’ political contributions.

A controversial Newsweek cover about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s alleged “wimp factor” prompted CJ Publisher Jon Ham to draft his own mock magazine cover asking whether President Obama is too “whipped” to serve as an effective chief executive. Ham’s work attracted positive attention from the Powerline blog, Instapundit, and Memeorandum, along with criticism from Mediaite. Ham joined Chad Adams on the WLTT Radio morning program to discuss current examples of cultural decline in the United States.

The Thomasville Times published Carolina Journal Radio Co-Host Donna Martinez‘s recent CJ column challenging the notion that “high-poverty” public schools get less taxpayer funding than schools in affluent areas.

N.C. Senate Republicans promoted in their daily press emails Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s articles on Cowell’s corporate campaign contribution inquiry and a new legislative “dashboard,” editorial intern Signe Thomas‘ report on North Carolina entrepreneurs’ reaction to the president’s “you didn’t build that” gaffe, and contributor Kristy Bailey‘s piece on North Carolina legislators’ lukewarm reaction to legislation designed to emulate Florida’s program promoting Advanced Placement courses for high school students.