As it was around the country, business was booming at the Friendly Center Chick-fil-A as protesters expressed their displeasure with president Dan Cathy’s recent comments on same-sex marriage.

One disinterested bystander’s point of view:

Not far from the main protest body, a shoeless man named David Emigh held a sign that said “homeless, hungry, anything helps, thank you.”

Emigh said he didn’t have an opinion on the Chik-fil-A controversy, and restaurant customers and employees often gave him free food.

“Everything’s fine with me,” Emigh said.

Guilford Green executive director Shane Burton said he thinks “people can be a little misguided in where they place their support.” That’s an awful lot of misguided people. Some might say the same of the 2,000-plus people who turned out at UNCG’s Fleming Gymnasium to hear first Lady Michelle Obama.