The gummint is going all Rube Goldberg to try to figure out how to feed children. There’s got to be a better way.

I hark back to all those laughed-at libertarian arguments about famine being a man-induced tragedy. If there is a natural disaster, people are good and willing to share unless little tyrants stop the flow of resources. This planet is really neat, and it is covered in dirt that actually grows food from little seeds – unless zoning ordinances or public housing policy prevents access. Grocery stores sell food for a variety of income-levels, and free food pantries abound. So, why do children starve in WNC?

I wish I had that blurb by an old CIA hand on how to recruit. He told how you might see a prospect and give her $20 for her mom. She doesn’t need it, but accepts it graciously. You keep giving her the money, just because. After months of the weekly disbursement, or whatever, she comes to expect the payments and goes ahead and expands her budget accordingly. The amounts of the just-because gifts might increase, even to ridiculous sizes. Then, one day, you stop the payments. She’s now late on the electric bill, the car is stranded in the shop. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

The moral of the story was to provide for yourself, trade to make up the difference, and never become dependent on anybody for essentials. Your free food-pushing gummint knows this.