Alexander Ward writes for Politico about a disturbing revelation involving the communist Chinese government.

China has been spying on the United States from a base in Cuba, a Biden administration official said on Saturday, claiming that “this is an issue that this administration inherited.”

The Wall Street Journal, followed by Politico and other outlets, reported on Thursday that China had been in conversations with Havana to establish a new spy base in the island nation. That same day, the White House and the Pentagon said the reporting was “inaccurate,” without going into details.

On Saturday, an administration official clarified by saying that the Chinese base in Cuba has already been established, noting that it didn’t happen on their watch.

The administration official, who was granted anonymity to discuss a sensitive subject, said the Chinese spying effort has been an ongoing concern and that the U.S. has been taking steps to deal with it.

“When this administration took office in January 2021, we were briefed on a number of sensitive PRC efforts around the world to expand its overseas logistics, basing, and collection infrastructure globally to allow the [military] to project and sustain military power at greater distance,” the official said, referring to the People’s Republic of China.

“This effort included the presence of PRC intelligence collection facilities in Cuba,” the official confirmed. “In fact, the PRC conducted an upgrade of its intelligence collection facilities in Cuba in 2019. This is well-documented in the intelligence record.”

President Joe Biden directed his administration to address the issue. “Within months, we did so,” the official said, noting that the thrust of the engagement with Beijing over the spy post has been through diplomacy.

The official would not go into detail, but said the engagements have brought “results” and that “our experts assess that our diplomatic efforts have slowed the PRC down.”