Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner explains how communist China has helped bring Democrats and Republicans together.

China’s keeping the coronavirus secret from the world as the outbreak began has united Democrats and Republicans who now want the communist nation punished and exported American jobs returned to the USA.

The anger is so high that three quarters of likely voters in a new McLaughin & Associates survey want America’s trading relationship with China junked.

The survey found that despite the political battle over how the virus was described initially as the generic coronavirus, “China virus,” or “Wuhan virus,” Americans agree that China lied about it and failed to share key data that could have been used to slow it.

And, more significantly, Americans want to end the U.S. practice of sending key manufacturing to China and the reliance on Chinese technology and medical equipment.

“The pandemic has forged an historic consensus that crosses party lines on the need for unity, an embrace of American domestic manufacturing capability to restore our economy, and the need to recognize that China seeks to leverage the aftershocks of COVID-19 to advance their own geo-political agenda,” said the survey analysis from John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin. …

… It also showed that the administration’s distrust of China has hit home for a majority of Americans in the wake of the virus crisis.

The survey, commissioned by Lawrence Kadish, a real estate developer, entrepreneur, and founder of the Museum of American Armor in Old Bethpage, N.Y. and reported on in Newsmax, found that 70% believe China hid key data from world health officials. Some 84% of Republicans and 58% of Democrats agreed.

Asked about curbing or ending U.S. reliance on Chinese imports of medical equipment such as masks, 75% agreed. Trump supporters overwhelmingly agreed, but so did his foes.

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