Rebecca Berg reports for the Washington Examiner on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s new emphasis on tax reform on the campaign trail.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will put tax reform at the center of his likely presidential campaign platform, he suggested during a trip Monday to New Hampshire, a key primary state.

“Within the first 100 days, if I were to run for president and be elected, we would change this tax system in this country so that people and companies aren’t leaving the country anymore,” Christie said during the Concord and Merrimack County GOP Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner, according to the Star-Ledger.

In addition to tax reform, Christie named “a national energy policy” and “re-establish[ing] American leadership around the world” as his other priorities.

Even as Christie has moved deliberately toward a bid for the presidency, he has remained coy about many of his policy stances and has held off on committing to a platform for his likely presidential bid — even while boning up on policy for months during after-hours conference calls with a range of experts. …

… It is significant that Christie picked New Hampshire as the venue to introduce his platform, for which he provided few details. Although Christie has made more than a dozen trips to Iowa, he is thought to have a stronger potential base of support in the Granite State, and will need to post a dominant performance there to be considered a serious contender for the Republican nomination.

Christie’s push for tax reform is safely in line with congressional Republicans, who have expressed optimism that they will draft such a proposal by this summer.