The Watauga County Commissioners were pressured into committing to study the creation of an indoor baseball stadium. You see, kids will turn to lives of terror if they don’t have a place to play, or they could become nerdy bookworms. It is very cold up in Watauga, even during the baseball season, and if it rains, kids could get wet, and games might be postponed requiring visiting teams to invest twice as many room-nights in the community.

In Cherokee, the tribal council has purchased land for building the first Olympic-sized community pool. You see, Cherokee kids get dried out in the summer and they need a place for rehydration. They would be obese without a public pool exercising them. What’s more, the pool will attract tourists from around the region, and they will spend untold fortunes with their room-nights. As if that isn’t enough, Buncombe County also wants to be the regional mecca for swim-meet room-nights.

And thus we see the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are no wonders at all. They were built on the backs of taxpayers promised wealth untold from the room-nights the colossal structures would bring into the region – with multipliers.