In 2011 ,North Carolina saw the Voter ID  bill pass the Senate and the House only to end up vetoed by the Governor.  This bill was debated and deliberated until both chambers decided on an outcome and had it ready to be signed by then Governor Perdue.  The veto was not overridden and the bill died.  This year, the same bill will come back from the dead and be debated, and hopefully passed since Governor McCrory has already spoken in support of the idea.

Last year an Elon University poll conducted showed 72% supported the idea of requiring voters to show photo ID before being allowed to vote.  This year they ran a different poll, “Do you have a driver’s license or other form of government issued photo identification?”  Answer – 97% said they did, with the few saying they didn’t being 21 or younger or 65 or older.

The Civitas Institute also conducted a survey asking North Carolinians if they would be in favor of a law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification before being allowed to vote.  67% responded in favor of the law.

Lawmakers are in support of this bill – so what’s the hold-up?  Republicans are trying their best to get support across the isle, but democrats are  trying everything to slow the process.  Check out this article about the hold up and why this bill won’t get heard until late Spring.