How else to explain all the time evidently spent editing Wikipedia entries from the city of Charlotte computer network?

Check it out, over 200 edits in the past couple years on topics ranging from the new Uptown arena, to French monorails (?!), to Herman’s Hermits. Lotsa Herman’s Hermits edits. Along with someone positively obsessed with Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But my favorite has to be adding the phrase “Liberal Bastard” to the description of John Edwards. It only lasted a moment back in March before being reported as vandalism to the Wiki entry, but coming from a city of Charlotte IP address, that is nice work indeed.


Massive hat tip to Under the Dome for pointing me to this little Wikiscanner gizmo. Oh, the fun we shall have. Next up, CMS and the county.

Update: Here’s the activity from CMS’ range of IP addresses. Some 870 edits, some clearly done by teachers or staff with some in-depth knowledge of subjects areas.

And also quite a few obviously done by teen-agers. Case in point, an edit to the “breast” entry which briefly featured a reference to “Ms. Devines Rack.”

Another window on what is on the minds of CMS students, edits to the Crips and Bloods entries. The latter advises “are so lil old bitchs (sic)” — yep, that’s our CMS.

Update II: No Wiki play from the county jail. And it seems only 12 from the county’s range of addresses.