Lindsay Marchello reports for Carolina Journal:

Yet despite all the either real or perceived — or esthetic — shortcomings, students at Raleigh Charter are performing better than most students in the state. 

Supporters of school choice say that choice empowers parents to pick the best place for their children to attend school. Critics argue school-choice programs, including charter schools, siphon money and resources from traditional public schools. 

The Republican Party has enjoyed a supermajority in the General Assembly for years, and lawmakers have passed a number of school-choice initiatives expanding access to various educational opportunities. 

But that supermajority is gone, and critics of school choice, including Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, now have more of a say in terms of education policy in the state. 

Critics of school choice claim the state hasn’t done enough to hold school choice programs accountable and have devalued public schools in the pursuit of expanding school choice.

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