This week, Carolina Journal’s Dan Way reported on State Treasurer Dale Folwell’s involvement in the Vidant-UNC controversy. According to Way:

[Folwell] isn’t involved in the current battle between the hospital chain and the UNC Board of Governors over control of Vidant Medical Center.

While the Treasurer is not involved in the Vidant-UNC drama, Folwell and Vidant are not on favorable terms, as Vidant and the Treasurer have clashed on multiple issues before. As Way writes:

Folwell previously was in the middle of Vidant’s push to merge with ECU Physicians, and a separate affiliation initiative between UNC HealthCare and Carolinas HealthCare. In those instances he said he had a financial responsibility to protect state resources and investments. Neither of those proposals went through.

Folwell is quoted in Way’s article as describing the relationship between himself and Vidant as “soiled.” His relationship with Vidant continues to degrade, as Vidant has recently been attacking the Treasurer on his Clear Pricing Project. The Clear Pricing Project, like Medicare, would pin State Health Plan payments for state employees at specific percentage and would address the problem of hospitals potentially overcharging the government.

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