Carolina Journal‘s Dan Way reports on the latest from the 9th district:

Does beleaguered Republican Rev. Mark Harris have a prayer of winning a new 9th U.S. Congressional District election?

With his congressional campaign in debt, his integrity under siege, his health in question, and a criminal investigation over corruption gathering steam, some political observers are doubtful. It’s also unclear he’ll seek the congressional seat a third time.

A State Board of Elections’ four-day evidentiary hearing culminated in Thursday’s 5-0 vote to order a new election. Harris sought to be declared the winner by a 905-vote margin over Democrat Dan McCready. But the national suspense surrounding the last uncalled congressional election didn’t end there.

McCready’s lawyers have hinted at further legal action to thwart House Bill 1029. It requires a full do-over, including candidate filing and primaries, after the new election was ordered.

McCready would prefer a do-over involving only the original primary winners. Then he would have to face the politically wounded Harris, and Libertarian Jeff Scott, who finished a distant third with 1.8 percent of the vote. Scott and McCready have said they plan to run in the new election.

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