The latest on legal wrangling related to North Carolina’s November ballot, reported by Carolina Journal’s Dan Way:

State Supreme Court candidate Chris Anglin has offered to withdraw from the race if the courts don’t restore his affiliation as a Republican to the Nov. 6 general election ballot.

Anglin hand-delivered a conditional candidate withdrawal notice Wednesday, Aug. 8, to the N.C. Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement. The conditional withdrawal comes two days after he filed a lawsuit against the General Assembly and won a temporary restraining order in the case.

“While I firmly believe and intend to prove in court the legislature’s action is an unconstitutional violation of my rights, in the unlikely circumstance that the courts allow it to go into effect, I will not allow my party designation to be misrepresented on the ballot and aid their efforts to rig this election,” Anglin said in a written statement to Carolina Journal.

Anglin’s case is scheduled to be heard Monday.