If parents decide to place their children into the public education system, what will their children learn? No matter what the subject matter, you can be sure that there will be a strict separation of church and state, even if first amendment rights must be squelched.  So says Jon Sanders in a Townhall.com column that was picked up by the Lancaster New Era in Lancaster, PA and discussed on Washington Post radio. And if test scores are any indication, whatever children are learning we’re having a hard time capturing that data and comparing it to students nationally. NPR and the Family Policy Council interviewed Lindalyn Kakadelis, while Terry Stoops spoke with Bill LuMaye on our state’s low student expectation. Despite what many say, higher education isn’t for all of us.  On a post dedicated to those interested in attending NC School of Science and Math, George Leef‘s paper “The Overselling of Higher Education” was used as a source of scrutiny for the school.