Clarice Feldman of the American Thinker highlights two public figures with contrasting views of the Constitution.

Every year kids from around the country enter a contest, the Spelling Bee, to test their ability to spell often difficult words better than anyone else.  If adults held a Constitution Bee, the winner this week would be Florida governor Ron DeSantis and the loser would be White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre.

It has been the game in many states, particularly those where the attorney generals were elected with a big assist from leftist moneybag George Soros and friends, to refuse to enforce (usually criminal) laws adopted by state legislatures with which they disagree. This week, Governor DeSantis played his ace in the hole, removing state attorney Andrew Warren for overstepping his constitutional boundaries.

Professor Charles Lipson explains why this move was so significant and warranted.

“A major part of DeSantis’s criticism of Warren was ‘constitutional.’ The vital point here is that legislative bodies, not prosecutors, are responsible for making our laws. The executive branch is tasked with enforcing them, not rewriting them to suit their fancy. Unfortunately, in city after city, that is exactly what ‘social justice’ prosecutors have done. They have simply declined to prosecute whole classes of crimes, laid out in laws passed by state assemblies or city councils.” …

… At the opposite extreme, the White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre revealed she has no idea who decides the constitutionality of laws, the Supreme Court apparently not being the venue for such things to her way of thinking.

In a presser explaining how the White House was trying different moves to preserve abortion in states which no longer permit it after the Supreme Court in the Dobbs case overruled its prior decision in Roe v. Wade, she indicated that the Dobbs decision was “unconstitutional.”