Greg Traywick, the Cleveland County Cooperative Extension Director, recently said the the Shelby Star that agriculture contributes nearly $100 million to the county’s economy each year.

“Agriculture continues to be a vital part of the county’s economy because people need food and fiber,” Traywick said. “Because we have avoided significant land losses brought about by urbanization, local farmers still have access to abundant acreage.”

According to the USDA, Cleveland County has 1,000 farms right now. The county ranks 7th in NC in fruit and berry production, 14th in head of cattle, 17th in broilers produced, and 19th in tons of hay harvested.

According to the County Extension Office, the major sources of agricultural income today are:

Broilers $60 million
Dairy Products $2.9 million
Beef Cattle $7 million
Other livestock & poultry $2 million
Cotton & cottonseed $1.2 million
Soybeans $6.4 million
Corn $1.4 million
Wheat $2.3 million
Fruits & vegetables $4.5 million
Other crops $1.8 million
Greenhouse & nursery $5.1 million
Government payments $1.5 million