When Environment North Carolina released a report claiming that North Carolina is getting warmer, and that this warming trend will only continue, thanks to global warming, JLF Research Director, Roy Cordato and director of communications, Mitch Kokai released their own press release, showing that Environment North Carolina was wrong. After JLF’s press release, Roy did an interview with News 14. Climate alarmists aren’t just in NC; they’re all across the nation. One group that moves intra-state quite easily is the Center for Climate Strategies.  In the Myrtle Beach Sun News, Roy writes about the center and its connection to North and South Carolina. Groups such as the Center for Climate Strategies and their partnerships with state governments have lead to regulations and taxation that promote conservation at the expense of individual freedom. These political games are a main point in George Leef‘s recent FEE article. A good example of both can be found in the recently passed renewable energy portfolio mandate. Daren Bakst was all over the issue from its nascent stages, and the National Association of Manufacturers appreciates it.