The Washington Examiner reminds us that there’s no expiration date for the scandals plaguing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, not even the Nov. 8 date of a potential electoral victory.

Clinton’s support cratered in September when the FBI released a report that proved she had lied to investigators and the public, but she’s staged a comeback and nothing in the WikiLeaks dump seems likely to stop her now.

That doesn’t mean, however, that she will skate free of the scandals in which she is submerged up to her ears. Her dishonesty and venality will not vaporize if she wins the election less than a fortnight away.

The emails; her two-faced and handsomely rewarded speeches to bankers; her State Department’s favors for Clinton Foundation donors; all this will live on. So too will the hash of world affairs that she and President Obama have created, especially in Libya but also in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Clinton, who once played dumb to reporters about whether she’d “wiped” emails under subpoena — actually, it was her staff who did it, and not with a cloth but with sophisticated and utterly destructive software — will not be magically cleansed of slime by an election victory any more than she would be defeat.

She may have lucked out in the political opponent she faces, but her scandals may last longer than him. The second Clinton administration, should it begin in January, will be front-loaded with the distrust she earned by placing herself above the law, and by lying to conceal her breaches of public trust.

Even if Trump keeps driving them off the front page for the remaining 12 days of the presidential campaign, the complaints from Bill Clinton’s longtime body-man and even Chelsea Clinton about the Clinton Foundation being an ethical nightmare will not go away any more than will evidence that the Clintons used it to profit personally.