Eddie Scarry of the Washington Examiner documents one stage in the long, sad recovery process for supporters of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign aides and other liberals who still lamenting the results of the 2016 election fired back at the New York Times on Monday for how the paper covered Clinton last year.

Times reporter Glenn Thrush was bombarded by critics on Monday when he shared a news article on Twitter about the Secret Service running out of money to pay its staff due to President Trump and his family’s frequent traveling.

“Trump’s gilded lifestyle is bankrupting the Secret Service,” Thrush tweeted.

One person sarcastically replied to Thrush’s tweet, “But the emails,” a reference to the wide and extensive media coverage of Clinton’s private email server throughout the election.

Thrush replied by publishing a series of tweets mocking the critique and pointed out other elements of Clinton’s campaign that many political observers have said cost her the election.

“But hour-long speeches that should have been 10 minutes, but complacency, but Bernie, but generational apathy, but silly war with the media,” he said in one message. “But why-do-we-need-to-go-to-Wisconsin, but setting up an email server in Chappaqua when you know the right-wing-conspiracy is out to get you,” he said in another.

That didn’t sit well with Clinton’s supporters, who relitigated the campaign as they replied to Thrush.