Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller wonders when the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will acknowledge that her controversial email server has prompted a criminal probe.

There are numerous indicators that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email system is criminal in nature. First and foremost is a federal judge’s statement on Tuesday that the bureau is conducting a “criminal investigation” into whether classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s private email server.

But the Democratic presidential candidate has yet to publicly acknowledge the full criminal nature of the probe. And the “Email Facts” section of her campaign website still maintains that the FBI is conducting a mere “security review” and not an investigation of any kind.

“Is Department of Justice conducting a criminal inquiry into Clinton’s email use?” reads one entry on the campaign’s “Email Facts” page.

The response reads:

No. As the Department of Justice and Inspectors General made clear, the IGs made a security referral. This was not criminal in nature as misreported by some in the press. The Department of Justice is now seeking assurances about the storage of materials related to Clinton’s email account.

That claim is at stark odds with a ruling issued on Tuesday by U.S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan in a Judicial Watch lawsuit against the State Department.

Sullivan, a Bill Clinton appointee, called the FBI’s probe a “criminal investigation” in response to a motion filed by attorneys for Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department IT adviser who maintained Clinton’s server.