The clock is ticking on a few remaining bills awaiting Governor Perdue’s signature – or not.  She has until tomorrow at midnight to either sign, veto or do nothing.

If she does nothing, they become law by default.

The remaining bills are:

House Bill 585 – exempts vehicles with 70,000 or fewer miles or the three newest model years from emissions testing

House Bill 819 – requires historical data be considered in setting coastal regulations due to sea rise

House Bill 1009 – changes to NC’s Metropolitan Sewerage Districts’ board representation and powers

Senate Bill 229 – Twenty two amendments to environmental laws including reporting, studies and regulation for storm water and wastewater management, biodegradable plastic products, private drinking wells, scrap tire disposal and restricting the authority of some state commissions.

House Bill 953 – DENR technical amendments include delaying Jordan Lake Rules.  Also makes changes to the mining and energy commission and rescission dates in the hydraulic exploration of natural gas bill.

If she vetoes any of them – the General Assembly could be called back to consider an override vote.

The General Assembly back in session?  Talk about the dog days of August!