The Charlotte Observer has the scoop:

Less than three years ago, voters overwhelmingly approved the biggest school bond package in Mecklenburg County history — nearly $1 billion to build new classrooms, repair old buildings and relieve overcrowding.

But documents show that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administrators last year scaled back plans or delayed construction of the three most expensive projects.

“They lied to us,” commissioner Vilma Leake said. “We have given them more money than they have ever had. It grieves me they would treat us and the community like we don’t matter.”

How did Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools respond?

Asked why monthly bond project reports show that the plans have altered, [chair of the district Bond Oversight Committee Dennis] Dreyer said he did not know.

“I feel like (CMS officials) are keeping their promises” to the voters, Dreyer said. “I have a lot of faith in what CMS is doing. They are doing everything they can to deliver on these promises.”

County commissioner Pat Cotham concluded, “This is not good governing. This is a lack of transparency.”