Were you expecting anything else? Per the UPoR:

Thursday’s gathering of Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board members may feel a lot like the breakfast table the morning after a couple fights.

Tuesday night, the board went public with rifts that members have spent more than a year trying to mend or gloss over.

At a time when they’re trying to rally public support for a student assignment review, some board members acknowledged that they don’t trust each other.

As they work to unite a diverse community, black board Chair Mary McCray talked about a racially divided board and white member Paul Bailey told everyone to “get over it – it’s done, it’s over, it was 200 years ago.”

And before they voted to give Superintendent Ann Clark another year to run Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, some members were vocal about how little they wanted to do that.

The one thing all nine members seemed to agree on was that the discussion leading up to a 6-3 vote to extend Clark’s contract was not their finest hour.